The history of Château Jolys

History of the domain

King Henry IV gave his letters of nobility to Jurançon wine. Legend has it that when he was born, his grandfather made him drink a few drops of Jurançon wine before fortifying his lips with a clove of garlic in order to strengthen his body and mind.

400 years after Henri IV, in 1964 Pierres-Yves Latrille, a visionary spirit, planted the first plots of vines against the current of massive uprooting at the time.

Since then, Château Jolys has built a reputation as a vineyard with a singular character producing fine wines, full of elegance and delicacy.

Fifty years later, the Château's ambition for renewal was realized when Michel Boutin bought it. An entrepreneur with a passion for wine, his ambition is to take this vineyard to the summit of its art.

Château Jolys is a historic property. With more than 34 hectares of vineyards and the most modern technical facilities.

Château Jolys is one of the first independent producers of Jurançon.

Our wines are HVE certified since 2019

2019 - A new impetus for Château Jolys

Visionary like the founder, it is now Michel Boutin's turn to continue the mission: to produce exceptional wines, recognized by the greatest and to bring them to the world to make this beautiful region, Jurançon, shine.

Michel Boutin is a man of challenges who, during his career, has been involved in various sectors of activity, finance, real estate, promoters and business leaders in Quebec and France. His business sense, his determination and his curiosity in various activities, allowed him to have a great open mind. In view of his retirement and wanting to remain active, he decided to invest in the South West of France. After reading in the Figaro newspaper about the dreams of Parisian executives to move to Bordeaux, Michel Boutin decided to go and visit the South West of France to find out the reasons for this attraction.

Loving nature, white wine, curiosity and of course new challenges, Michel Boutin felt drawn to the Jurançon wine region. During a stay in Pau, he sat while having a glass of white wine in a restaurant located on the Boulevard de Pyrenees, he was conquered. Seeing the palm trees with a temperature of 22 degrees in November while looking at the snow-covered mountains, he decided that he would come and settle in this magnificent region, where good wine, local products, friendly people and a form of inexplicable zenitude reign. He started looking for a vineyard and after several steps and months of hard work, he became the owner of Château Jolys, whose vineyard is a real jewel. The wines are excellent, so little known outside Jurançon. Since then, he is determined to make an exceptional wine recognized all over the world.

2010 - A new generation at Domaines Latrille

The Domaines are now under the control of Claire and Camille Bessou-Latrille, granddaughters of Pierre-Yves Latrille. Guided by the experience and passion of Pierre-Yves Latrille, the two sisters have the ambition to unite their skills in order to perpetuate the family vineyard and to maintain the recognized quality of the wines produced.

2000 - Château de Jurque, a confidential property

Pierre-Yves Latrille was joined in his adventure by his daughter Marion Latrille in the early 2000s. Together, they strive to maintain the impeccable quality and purity of their wines, integrating the latest known qualitative progress into their production and elaboration methods.
Marion Latrille will give a new impulse to the Domaines with the creation of Château de Jurque, a confidential property of 10ha which concentrates the family know-how and the search for excellence. As a passionate woman, Marion Latrille instilled with her femininity the elegance and delicacy that characterize the wines of Château Jolys and Château de Jurque.

90's - Château Jolys, a property with a growing reputation

Plot after plot, Pierre-Yves Latrille has shaped these slopes with impressive slopes and has developed the reputation of Château Jolys wines. With 32 hectares of vines, a technologically advanced winery and a perfect autonomy for bottling and packaging, Domaines Latrille has become one of the first independent producers of Jurançon.

60's - A vineyard born from a visionary spirit

Today the largest independent property in the Jurançon appellation, Domaines Latrille was born from the visionary spirit of its founder Pierre-Yves Latrille. When he arrived in the Jurançon appellation in the early 1960s, this agricultural engineer was seduced by the typicality of the Chapelle de Rousse hillsides, and was able to perceive the immense potential of Château Jolys and the adjoining fallow land.
In a context of massive uprooting of vines in the neighboring vineyards, Pierre-Yves Latrille went against the tide and planted the first plots of Château Jolys in 1964 with the two grape varieties he liked best: Petit Manseng and Gros Manseng.